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Full Service custom crush facility with our focus on the quintessence of our customer's creative vision for their wine.


Space Available for 2019 Harvest
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Custom Crush

We offer all aspects of full services for custom crush with state of the art equipment and systems.  Our staff has over 50 years experience in premium winemaking and quality customer service.  We accept fruit from any appellation.

Alternating Proprietorship

Available for our clients

Barrel Storage

Barrel storage availability at our facility.

Bulk wine Storage

Bulk Wine storage availability at our facility.

  • P&L Incline Hand Cluster Sorting

  • Pellenc Selectiv' Mechanized Berry Sorting

  • Each steel tank has a dedicated air diaphragm pump for pumpovers with Venturi air intake system and grape screen

  • Tank Fermentation - All Tanks are fully jacketed with hot and  cold glycol

  • Diemme Velvet 80 Bladder Press

  • Temperature controlled and humified barrel storage with Airocide Photolactic Air Purification System.

  • Fermentation from 1 to 20 tons

  • Steam/Ozone/Gamma Jet Barrel Sanitation System

Services are performed utilizing the following equipment:

about us


Napa Junction Custom Crush is located in Napa County, CA on the crest of the hill with a 360 degree view of the valley landscape.  We currently have space available for crush for the 2019 harvest as well as barrel storage availability.  We welcome AP clients.  We accept fruit from any appellation.  We make every effort to be a flexible as possible in order to accommodate the individual needs of our clients.  

We create an individual program for each client, tailored to your specified winemaking requirements for your wine.  We provide a customized automated pumpover regime for each client.  Our dedicated staff has over 50 years of experience in premium winemaking and quality customer service.  Our goal is to provide you with your preferred customized services to enhance your winemaking experience and ensure the production of the highest quality wine. 

We believe in the precious value of clear, detailed and consistent communication to ensure we are always in full understanding of our customers and their goals.  Our knowledgeable staff is devoted to the art of premium winemaking, quality customer service and the success of our clients and their wine.  

We know winemaking is an art that suffuses the lifestyle of everyone involved in this process of the grape.  We want to provide an exceptional quality experience that fulfills the creative process and enhances the enjoyment of making wine.

We always look forward to meeting great people and the opportunity to make great wine for them!  We would love to have you join us! Contact us to arrange a tour of our facility.

Meet our crew

   adam braunstein
 "general manager"
Adam Rsz Web BW.jpg

Adam Braunstein is our General Manager and Jack of All Trades in our custom crush facility.  There is not a job Adam has not done or would not do for the sake of the best performance possible.  Adam had his first harvest experience back in 1992.  He had just graduated college with a fine arts degree and could not decide whether he wanted to dive into the treacherous waters of a working artist or become an art teacher.  In an effort to stave off making this decision, he thought getting a harvest job would suffice to postpone his decision until after the dawn of the new year.  He answered an ad in a local paper, during the interview, the winemaker asked him where he saw himself in 5 years.  Adam replied “Sitting in your chair, Buddy!”.  He was hired on the spot, quickly took to the cellar and hasn’t looked back since.  He has focused all of his creative drive into the art of making wine.  He sought out as many mentors and as much knowledge as possible along the way to become a master at his work.  (Oh, and that winemaker that hired Adam back in 92, he ended up working for Adam later in one of the wineries he managed.)  Adam loves all of the aspects of the process of the grape, from the perfect blending to fixing pumps.  When it comes to the craft of creating quality wine, Adam believes everything matters no matter how much talent it takes or how mundane it may be, it is all part of the artistry of making wine and he knows it truly is an art in all of its elements.  He knows the intrinsic value of a good team and realizes the responsibility and rewards of leadership.  Adam strives to build a rapport with each client in order to understand and translate their vision for their wine into the mastery of the performance for our team.  He knows the importance of developing customized services for each of our clients to bring their wine to the peak of excellence.  He believes quality communication is key to excellent client services both for the client and for every individual working at Napa Junction Custom Crush.  He loves a challenge whether it is a creative one or a mechanical one.  He so appreciates a perfectly rolled hose.  He knows there is always some unforeseen wizardry that happens with the grape to glass adventure.  Adam loves his craft and for him, every experience in winemaking is art.  It is all about the wine!

Favorite Wine:  The one in his glass!

Mike Schneiders, our new Assistant Winemaker, grew up less than a mile from the Winery here in American Canyon. He moved back to Napa after getting his history degree while playing soccer at Sonoma State University.  Mike experienced his first harvest at Twomey Cellars in Healdsburg.  He came to Miocene from Tannery Bend Beerworks where he was the “Jack of all Trades” General Manager.  Mike is always eager to learn and is always quick to resolve a dilemma.  His keen attention to detail enhances every aspect of his work and proves for best quality in our client’s wine.   Since his first harvest 10 years ago, Mike has worked in the vineyards, in the hospitality industry, and has spent a lot of time in the cellar for both wine and beer.  Past experience has taught him the value of key elements and he has developed a drive for efficiency and cleanliness. His diverse background and excellent work ethic has made him the keystone of our team. Mike always looks for new opportunities to increase his knowledge base of the craft and to hone his skillset to excel at creating the highest quality product, not to mention, putting his hometown on the map!

Favorite Wine: The wine that Adam makes!

 Mike Schneiders
Mikr Schneiders B & W  pic.jpg
Tami pridmore
  "cellar rat extraordinare"
Tami Rsz Web BW.jpg

Tami is our beloved, hardworking "Cellar Rat Extraordinaire" at Napa Junction Custom Crush.  She has worked in the wine industry on and off for several years.  She has been bitten by the wine bug so to speak and has found a home in the wine biz with us.  Tami takes a lot of pride in her work and is very conscientious in her efforts for consistent quality performance.  She is always eager to learn new skills and enjoys the challenge to make work practices more efficient.  Her career goals in the art of making wine are to continue to increase her knowledge and skillset in order to move up the wine ladder.  When asked what she loves about being in the wine industry, Tami loves being part of an AWESOME team working together every day to create a GREAT product for our clients - one that we and our clients can be proud of.  What about the worst or hardest part, she says the strenuous days of harvest can be difficult sometimes but the gratifying reward of a job well done is always worth it!

Favorite Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon



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